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“We believe that when it comes to VIP and personal security it is necessary to

take care of the smallest and the biggest details from the beginning.”

                                                                                                                    Yoav Tam  

Security Logic Israel is a group of specialized advisors in all of the security & Investigation fields. Private Security as well as VIP protection ,bodyguard, Delegation close protection and high quality security services in Israel.

Each and every one of our people have wide and profound experiences in many years of planning, developing, establishing and operating the security systems for national and business factors, as well as private clients.

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Security Logic provides various solutions in the security and investigation fields. The combination of experience, knowledge and international spreading ensures our clients the most unique and best solutions to their needs from security service for delegations to israel, to close protection for vip visitors in israel or close protection for close protection for official and diplomatic personnel around europe and middle east.


The company structure, based in Israel and sub-companies spread around the world, allows us to accumulate experiences from WORLDWIDE events and at the same time be continuously updated in new technologies and developments all around the world.


Each one of the sub-companies specializes in a specific field of the security system.


The synthesis of all these abilities and the cooperation between companies create a unique and secure solution in its entirety, which is suitable to our clients’ needs - this is the company’s purpose.

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