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Political events of the twentieth century have made marines and yachts an attractive target for the activity of terrorists and other criminal elements.


A port hosts a wide range of interests: National, Economic, Commercial, etc.


That is likely to be the target of illegal activity. Offshore Rigs

Throughout the world there are rigs for exploration, drilling and production of oil and gas located at sea. Sometimes these rigs are located in territorial waters and sometimes beyond, sitting in Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of various countries with distances of up to 200 nautical miles from shore.


In most cases, countries reward exploration franchises to private and/or governmental companies that fund the exploration and later the production of the natural resource, wherever it is found. The drilling rigs located at sea are usually classified as strategically vital for various countries.

In light of the large number of various threats (detailed below), many countries together with private companies, invest in large amounts of money to defend these offshore facilities and secure.

There is an intimate interface between defending the installations in whose area the drilling rigs are located and the companies operating them. In addition, it is important to define and understand the shared responsibility between the private companies and the countries in defending the assets their continuous operation.  against various threats.



Our team

Security Logic is managed by former members of the Israeli Special Forces (Israel's Elite Units) and the management team shares global experience in managing varied security and defense projects for governments, militaries, police units, security teams, the corporate sector and the private sector. The company advisory board consists of former high-ranking officials from the prestigious Israeli military and security bodies.


These officials led our country in some of its most complex missions over the last four decades. They personally commanded thousands of soldiers and security personnel and their experience is considered world renowned.


Security Logic offers complete security and defense solutions that include: Professional consulting services, training and Security Logic’s professionals maintain the highest codes of conduct while providing professional services to our clients from around the world. Security Logic is listed as an Israel Defense Forces


the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). management services, advanced technological solutions and elite manpower services.

(IDF) contractor for security services.



The rapid development of technology and techniques is in 3 dimensions: Air, Surface and Under Water, along with the expansion of offshore industry, has created new possibilities for intruders.


Our security concept and system can be tailored for the project or object, having regard for these specific type of threats, local conditions and the rapid-reaction resources needed.


The structure of Security Logic defense system can be fully adapted to the character of the object of defense, the actual threat, the local geographical and hydro-graphical conditions together with the

desired level of reaction resources.


Besides design, construction and commissioning of the system, various types of active countermeasures are offered in the package.

Also included are adapted training and procedures that ensure the optimum effectiveness of the

overall security system.

Security Logic offers private yacht security in Europe and worldwide Maritime security services:

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