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Delegation & Personal security

When it comes to delegation and personal security it's necessary to take care on the smallest and the biggest details from the beginning.


All that to have a foul coverage of non compromise

We do it by:

- Testing secure needs regarding possible threats.

- Review of threats according to terrain and place (physical, political, religious).

For example when the mission is to secure a yacht in the Red Sea we give emphasis to threats posed form piracy.

In Muslim country we give emphasis on the threats posed by extremists Muslims trying to hit tourists.

In countries where there is a criminal's culture of "kidnapping for ransom"

We give emphasis on this threat.



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- We give a lot of thought on Minimizing damage to the agenda of secure personal  and intelligently implementing security within secure of current activity.


We believe that the most important element is professional which reflected by the fact that we are also engaged in areas related to security (investigations, intelligence gathering and tactical operations). This capability gives us a better diagnosis as to the possible threats and dealing with them optimally and in time.

Services we provide:

- Personal protection for businessmen, employees of international companies (high tech, oil, diamonds), and diplomats.

- Securing children and family members traveling on trips or expeditions around the world and where their security is required for various reasons. (We provide tight security and overt or covert security without secure objective knowledge).


- Securing yachts sailing sensitive or high risk areas regularly 365 days a year.


- Secure money courier, gems & diamonds transfer, classified documents, R&D components and classified information.


- Securing fundraising, stores, stalls or business activities over vast geographic areas.


- Securing facilities and building security program, such as Jewish community centers, synagogues, key personal in the community.

We believe in personal service that is tailor-made in high-quality for client needs according to possible threats and financial abilities.



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