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Our Services

All services being provided by Security Logic are based on a preliminary comprehensive survey.

The survey allows our team to localize the weak-points and risk analysis.

Here is a brief description of our methodology of producing the survey report:

It is a complicated process that takes time, in order to come out with an optimal solution.  Before the team is sent to their task in the field, we brief them on the assignment, then target what It is rather teamwork than a one man show.  should be emphasized and above all rules of conduct.

How do We Do IT?

After the team returns with the data. They write a basic field report.

We make sure to differentiate facts from interpretations. We question them thoroughly on their results, in order to get a clear view.

We compare the data and recommendations to what we know of our experiences from previous and similar projects.

We discuss by brainstorming the recommendations and write the first draft.  We make use of independent experts on professional issues and if needed, get second or even third opinions.

We produce the second draft, which contains professional drawings, pictures taken and documents attached.

We conduct a research on professional issues that are in debate. The sessions are followed by the production of our report.

Security Logic will develop a detailed program, train human resources at all levels, and ensure a full implementation of turn-key projects. Security Logic has the experience, knowledge and ability to help the client in dealing with crime rates, fraud and threats. Among our clients, including leading banks, international hotels, malls, commercial centers, projects that combine buildings with offices and trade various energy facilities, airports, industrial factories, diamond mines, wide-world spreading, etc.


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