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​Do you know which users in an organization have access to which data? Can you determine which files and archive users were accessed yesterday or last month? ​

We provide unique solutions to an authorization and access control to organization files, by placing an emphasis on the following:


Quick scans of the organization's file servers and issuing an initial comprehensive report mapping of

who is authorized for what.

Automatic identification of irregular and redundant authorizations, and providing recommendations

regarding their removal while referring to the modification's impact on legitimate activities.

Transparent data usage, via documentation of data access events (reading/deletion/modification),

and presenting statistical usage reports according to various cross-sections (which user or which

users have access to which data at a given time). Similarly, identifying an irregular data access

according to the identification of user data access patterns.

Our services include investigations in various fields.

• An international investigation – our structure, efficiency in shortening timeline, cost effective, allows us

   to make internationalinvestigations

• Locating – missing person's assets, property, etc.

• Business intelligence & industrial information

• Preventing and anti-eavesdropping checks

• Undercover spying & tracking

• Database analysis

• Polygraph checks – our company uses experienced polygraph personelle in the following areas:

*Selecting and shifting candidates for specific roles

*Insurance claims

*Suspicions for making crimes, exceptions from procedures or damage in measurement purity

*Mapping and authorization control services

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