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The Academy & Courses

The Academy‘s facilities enable all types of training required by government and civilian entities, as well as a large number of dedicated courses tailored for the various sectors. It operates under the laws of the State of Israel and the laws of our trainees’ countries of origin. The Academy’s experts have acquired many years of security training in Israel’s different security systems. Our professional team motivates achievements that are among the highest in the world, based on the well-known Israeli standard .


The government courses enable any government force/entity to conduct training courses to establish/upgrade units to the desired level.

The professional civilian courses enable entities that support various security systems and/or entities requiring professional security teams such as banks, high-tech companies, etc., to establish/upgrade their security systems in all areas.

The private courses involve activities posing a challenge, based on security know-how, that generate integration and the development of leadership skills in the work teams of different entities, as well as generating integration among different populations and imparting challenging experiences.

The Academy is attentive to all requests and will plan and conduct courses tailor-made to the

customer’s requirements.


• Basic and advanced VIP course

• Head-team courses for VIP

• Security installation course

• Aviation security

• IT & Information security

• Senior security officers for private

 organizations and semi-governmental

• Money and jewelry transfer


Law enforcement

- Scattering demonstration and violating order

- Warfare demonstration

- Recognition of criminal units

- Special assignment units


Counter terror unit

​• Warfare terror

• Establishing and upgrading units

• Conducting surveys to determine the

 threat and to establish together with

 the client the right model according to

 the needs and the client resources

• Establishing methodology and

• Assist in establishing intervention unit

• Assist in creating HUMINT infrastructure

• Overt intelligence combined with

• Bringing state of the art Technology for

• Tackling and foiling terror financial

 regulations needed, technology for

• Assisting in creating abilities in

 combating the cultural background of

 terror. Including psychological warfare

 and creating social balance in the

• Courses for researchers and operative

 intelligence infrastructure covert sources assisting methodology sources: methods techniques tracking money transfer Community

 • Field officers.

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