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Mr. Yoav Tam - CEO

Yoav graduated from the Elite Military Intelligence Unit and has over 15 years of experience in

complex projects and support of personal protection, infrastructure protection and investigations.

In addition, Yoav is a Licensed Private Investigator. His training experience includes Intelligence

Gathering, Application Security Technologies, Defense of Israeli and International Companies from

Finance, Consumer and Cleantech. Yoav holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Political

Science and a Master’s degree in Management and Logistics from Bar-Ilan University. Yoav is a

Security Manager approved by the Israeli Police and Fire Safety .

About Our People



Mr. Cohen Golan - Project Management in Personal Security

With wide experiences as manager of security teams at Israeli embassies and airports abroad. Securing senior figures in Israel and abroad (delegations, prime ministers, foreign military officers)

A super-secret guard at various stations around the world.

Personal Security Management in the Government of Israel, Golan holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Social Sciences & LL.B Law School

He graduated form Unit 730 Ministry of Defense and a Commander of the Combat Team in Special Forces of Paratroopers (Maglan)

Golan is Manager of Security of Foreign Officials, Diplomatic Delegations, Working in coordination with the Israeli security forces.

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